Noblegen adds Craig Cogut & Dr. Rajiv Shah to its Board of Directors and opens its Series C capital raise with a $500M target

From left to right, headshots of Mr. Craig Cogut and Dr. Rajiv Shah

PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO, CANADA – July 6, 2021. Noblegen Inc.(“Noblegen"), an advanced digital biology company, is excited to announce that Craig Cogut, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Pegasus Capital Advisors, and Dr. Rajiv Shah, the President of the Rockefeller Foundation, have joined its Board of Directors.

Mr. Cogut and Dr. Shah will be added to Noblegen’s Board of Directors as observers. Both of the new additions bring vast experience across many different industries. Their expertise will help propel Noblegen forward as the company opens its $500M Series C capital raise and readies itself for an exciting end to 2021. 

“I’m very excited for Craig and Raj to join our Board of Directors, their experience and business acumen will be an incredibly valuable addition to our already amazing Board,” said Adam Noble, CEO and Founder of Noblegen. “Noblegen’s core values are perfectly aligned with the values that Craig and Raj have showcased throughout their impressive careers and we know that together we’ll be able to make a positive impact in, not only the food and beverage industry, but several industries across the globe.”

Mr. Craig Cogut is Founder and CEO of Pegasus Capital Advisors. Founded by Mr. Cogut in 1996, Pegasus is a private alternative asset management firm that places ESG principles at the core of its investment thesis. Under Mr. Cogut’s leadership, Pegasus has been committed to producing solutions for society’s greatest challenges, such as global climate change and resource scarcity, by providing strategic growth capital to companies focused on sustainability and human health and wellness. Mr. Cogut is one of the most influential voices in the impact and sustainability investment world; his values and beliefs line up perfectly with Noblegen.

Dr. Rajiv Shah serves as President of the Rockefeller Foundation, a global institution with a mission to promote the well-being of humanity around the world. Dr. Shah is a former Chief Scientist and Undersecretary of Agriculture for Research, Education, and Economics in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the former Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Dr. Shah has an extensive background in global development, food, and agriculture that aligns perfectly with Noblegen’s current and future aspirations of impacting the global food system and changing the way the world eats.

“Noblegen’s vision and technology platform with its immense potential to transform the food and beverage industry is what originally attracted me to the company. Their use of euglena, a sustainable and efficient microorganism, to build ingredients and meat/dairy/egg analogues is unique to the industry and important to the future of the global food system. I’ve been impressed with all of the different products they have demonstrated for us. From my perspective, things that took only a few months for Noblegen to develop are superior too much of what is currently available in the market today,” said Craig Cogut. “Not only is Noblegen providing a sustainable and profitable solution, but they’re also focused on doing it on a global scale that will help improve the nutritional diets of developing nations all over the world and provide a healthier future to the planet and our human population.”  

With a $500M Series C capital raise, Noblegen will be focused on bringing its food ingredients to market, expanding its R&D pipeline, ramping up production and increasing capacity at its facilities, hiring talent to expand its team, and establishing Eunite Foods subsidiaries in strategic locations around the world. Noblegen’s entire food & beverage portfolio will fall under the Eunite Foods brand, while the corporate Noblegen brand will begin to expand into other industries.

Noblegen’s strong scientific foundation led the company to the food & beverage industry just as it will lead it to other industries. Its next progression is to become a technology company that collaborates with living systems to discover, develop, and distribute cellular tools that reimagine the unimaginable. Noblegen has been able to develop an entire food system based on one microorganism, with 99% of microorganisms yet to be discovered, the possibilities for impact and innovation are endless.

Recently named one of the three Quorn Innovation Challenge Finalists for Alternative Proteins by Future Food-Tech, Noblegen are currently in discussions to bring its ingredients to market with many of the top food brands in the world. If you’re interested in learning more about Noblegen’s Series C capital raise or its products, contact the company through its website,


About Noblegen

Noblegen is an advanced digital biology company that makes unique protein, carbohydrate, and oil ingredients from a single-cell microorganism called Euglena gracilis. Noblegen, founded in 2013, is dedicated to increasing global accessibility of sustainably produced, healthy ingredients. The company currently employs over 50 people at its Peterborough, Ontario location. To request a sample of its ingredients please visit


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