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    Step 1: Sustainable Start

    Revitalize an Overlooked Resource

    We find value in natural sources passed over by conventional science, like abundant and essential Euglena gracilis. Harvested properly, Euglena can be accessible to populations around the world in its natural state and has nutritional properties that are more potent than realized.

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    Step 2: Process with Purpose

    Build a scalable cultivation method

    Euglena allows us to produce nutrient-rich ingredients with minimal processing and no genetic modification. We use an ancient, natural method that we can cost-effectively scale at an industrial level – so everyone can benefit.

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    Step 3: Results with impact

    Solve challenges
    and meet objectives

    There’s potential for myriad opportunities to promote healthy lives and a healthy world: from meat and dairy analogues, to vegan fats that can replace palm oil or butter, to non-consumables.

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    Step 4: Daring Discoveries

    Disrupt to reduce waste and regenerate

    We continually chase discoveries through science, exploring avenues no one else will and re-examining resources that have been discarded. We know the solutions already exist in our natural world.

  • Step 5 Graphic

    Step 5: Healthy Future

    Watch the
    planet flourish

    Solutions for Generation Now: Our nutrient-rich goods answer today’s urgent need for scalable, cost-effective solutions that restore balance without re-engineering nature. What we do right today will give us a livable tomorrow.

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