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We are

Natural, abundant, renewable resource that helps restore balance to the planet and people. 


Built to be cost-effective and available to everyone on Earth at any economic level.


Myriad applications for a range of industries with minimal waste and maximum upcycling.

nutrient rich

Nutritionally dense = potent outcomes.


ingredients for better food

We create nutrient-dense products out of naturally occurring Euglena gracilis with minimal processing – no genetic modification needed. As a microorganism, Euglena is a richer source of the 9 essential amino acids than other vegan protein options and is a good source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Euglena can become a potent protein, source of Beta-Glucan, palm oil replacement and more.

A Noblegen scientist at workA Noblegen scientist at work

In the Works

  • Protein Concentrate
  • Protein Isolate
  • Beta-Glucan Flour
  • Oils

We’re working on some exciting breakthroughs of a very different kind. Stay tuned, and in the meantime ...

partners in innovation

We partner for growth. Learn more about the flexible applications and amazing efficiencies of our regenerative solutions.

A Noblegen scientist at workA Noblegen scientist at work