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we have a vision

We have a vision to reinvent the future and work together to restore health and balance to the planet. We are scientists and innovators who believe in:

  • Nutrition for all
  • The right to a healthy planet
  • Inclusive science that embraces unconventional approaches
  • Regenerative agriculture and purpose-led business practices
  • Progress and evolving beyond neutral

We are curious

We’re willing to explore avenues others have skipped to find solutions to the Earth’s challenges. We are fearless.


We look at problems from surprising angles and apply our economically efficient platform in novel ways to solve them


We are excited and determined to drive change. We unrelentingly chase new discoveries through science. We confront challenges and convert them into solutions.


Our goal is to share our discoveries for the collective good. We educate so consumers can trust in food and industry again.

“It’s about being able to unite people around building something we can trust and stand behind.”

A Noblegen scientist using our biochemistry analyzerA Noblegen scientist using our biochemistry analyzer

We are on a mission to drive positive change for people and the planet. Noblegen is a catalyst to bring people together in this shared goal.

Culture that works

Our people define our company.

Noblegen scientists analyzing data on a computer in the labNoblegen scientists analyzing data on a computer in the lab